Post-Vow Pow-Wow // Kendall

It’s time for the second installment of our new blog series where we interview our brides after their big day, affectionately known as:

The Post-Vow Post-Wow.

Our second bride is Kendall, who married my friend Mike in a beautiful ceremony at The Windsor Arms hotel last summer. I loved working with Kendall because she has exquisite taste and was very laid back in her approach to her headpiece design. She was open to suggestions, but decisive – a somewhat rare combination. Also, these two happen to be really good looking humans and looking at their photos feels like you’re viewing a real-life fairytale. Enjoy!


The Game Plan

What was your vision for your wedding? Did you have a theme? Colours?

We decided to steer clear of a theme or specific colours and instead base our choices around the space we were getting married in, and the feel we were going for. Since we were getting married at a boutique hotel [The Windsor Arms], it already had so many wonderful details in the space, we wanted to ensure we weren’t competing with that. Also, since we decided to forgo the traditional wedding party and thus there were no bridesmaid dresses, it allowed us to be a bit more free with the colours we wanted to incorporate. For the space, our colours ranged from yellow, orange, green and brown. However for the groom and I, we wanted a classic look with black accents. Our goal was to have a look that was timeless and classic, since we felt like the courtyard cafe is exactly that.


What were some of the elements you wanted to see in your headpiece?

I knew I wanted to incorporate some black accents into my headpiece, but aside from that was very open. In the end we found a way to create 2 pieces that complimented each other without looking too matchy-matchy, and I couldn’t have been happier with the end results. I hadn’t planned to wear them together initially, but once we realized how I would be wearing my hair, it made sense to leave the comb in all day, and we just placed the veil in place for the ceremony.



What was the most stressful part of the wedding planning process?

Overall the process was a lot of fun, however we had a relatively short engagement due to outside circumstances influencing when it made sense to hold the wedding. So those first few weeks when we were scrambling to find just the right venue were stressful. However, from the moment I first walked into The Windsor Arms, I knew it was the feeling we wanted for our day, and thankfully we were able to make it work. 08120318

The Main Event

What were the top 3 highlight moments from the day?

It is almost impossible to pick just 3 (sorry I had to pick 4) but I would have to say:

The moment my husband and I saw each other for the first time (we did pictures before the wedding)


The photos we took before the ceremony with our friends including a group shot that captures the happiness and fun we were all having.


The moment right after we were married and walking back up the aisle with everyone cheering, smiling and crying at the same time.


And all of the amazing speeches and fun memories created by our friends and family (turns out we have a lot of musical friends and family which made for some especially memorable moments).

What was your first dance wedding song?

We had a live band at our wedding and they played Brandi Carlile’s – The Story


We decided to name our new bridal collection after desserts because we think our headpieces are the cherry on top for the modern bride. What type of cake did you serve?

Such a fantastic idea for the names in your beautiful bridal collection! We actually opted for a candy bar (with some of our favourite candies from childhood – think 5 cent candies galore) and mini cupcakes (traditional vanilla and chocolate) along with mini burgers and fries for our late night treats.


The Aftermath

What’s the best part of being married?

For us it is the fact that we feel exactly the same about each other as we did before we were married. We knew we were happy and the wedding was an excuse to make things official. And a great excuse to throw a party with everyone we love.


Do you have any advice for upcoming brides planning their weddings?

Enjoy the process, since it is only a once in a lifetime experience and it flies by. While it is important to factor in the opinions of those friends and family you care about, do your best to ensure you don’t lose the vision you and your partner have for the day, because in the end it is for you first.


Shameless Self-Promotion

What’s your favourite piece from the new Headmistress 2012 Bridal collection- The Cherry On Top?

Hard to pick just one, but I LOVE the Coconut Cookie Crumble, it is such a unique piece and the button is stunning.


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